Instrument bearing


Instrument bearings are designed with long service life and high reliability, and are widely used in high-tech fields, such as aerospace, precision instruments, etc. Due to the specificity of the part used, the solid lubrication or oil lubrication is usually adopted.

Instrumentation bearings are mainly applied in sensor bearings, outdoor weather instruments, leveling instruments, marking instruments and infrared instruments.

1) ABEC5 level precision bearings are commonly used;

2) friction torque of bearing shall be small;

3) the fatigue and life of bearing may not worth your consideration as the load is usually small, but there are certain requirements on noises;

4) when selecting a bearing fit, the impact of the load resistance on the bearing life may not be taken into account, while the impact of shaft thermal

expansion and assembly method can not be ignored, so bearing fit with smaller interference is prefered;

5) bearing clearance shall be small or zero, and attentions shall be paid to avoid the temperature rise due to friction caused by negative clearance.

NAISU bearings are widely used in all kinds of instruments, precision instruments, and we have established cooperation with many domestic and foreign


Wherein, 6700zz (10x15x4), 685zz (5x11x5) are applied to geodetic instrument;

693 (3x8x3), 692zz (2x6x3) applied to horizon sensors, cast instruments, swingers and vertical collimators;

624zz (4x13x5) applied to wind sensors;

682 (2x5x1.5) applied to the rasterline displacement sensors.


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