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Professional manufacturer of miniature bearings

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Shanghai Naisu Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd

A company specializing in bearing research and development, production, and sales, mainly producing and operating various types of micro bearings with inner diameters of 2-12mm and outer diameters below 30mm, including metric, imperial, flange series bearings, stainless steel bearings, flat thrust ball bearings, ceramic ball bearings, as well as toy bearings, motor bearings, fishing gear bearings, and stainless steel bearings.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first", continuously introduced advanced production equipment and technology, strictly controlled product quality, and obtained ISO9001 quality certification. This indicates that the company has established a sound quality management system and can continuously and stably provide high-quality products and services.

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Shanghai high-speed bearings are widely used in various fields such as micro motors, fitness equipment, telecommunications equipment, instruments and meters, computers, automotive motors, precision instruments, mechanical equipment, household appliances, medical equipment, fishing gear, remote-controlled toys, etc.
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